Class PageRankParallelPowerSeries

public class PageRankParallelPowerSeries
extends PageRank
Computes PageRank using a parallel (multicore) implementation of the power-series method, which runs the power method starting from the preference vector, thus evaluating the truncated PageRank power series (see PageRankPowerSeries).

Note that the step() method is not available: due to the need for some synchronization logic, only stepUntil(StoppingCriterion) is available.

This class exists for debugging and comparison purposes only. The class of choice for computing PageRank is PageRankParallelGaussSeidel.

Warning: Since we need to enumerate the predecessors a node, you must pass to the constructor the transpose of the graph.

Sebastiano Vigna
See Also:
PageRankPowerSeries, PageRank, SpectralRanking