Class PageRankFromCoefficients


public class PageRankFromCoefficients
extends Object
Computes PageRank using its power series.

This class uses the vectors of coefficients of the PageRank power series computed optionally by PageRankPowerSeries to approximate PageRank and any of its derivatives for a given value of the damping factor α. The computation is based on the results described in “PageRank: Functional dependencies”, by Paolo Boldi, Massimo Santini, and Sebastiano Vigna, ACM Trans. Inf. Sys., 27(4):1−23, 2009.

  • Constructor Details

    • PageRankFromCoefficients

      public PageRankFromCoefficients()
  • Method Details

    • compute

      public static void compute​(String coeffBasename, int numCoeff, String rankBasename, double[] alpha, int[] order) throws IOException
      Computes PageRank and its derivatives for given damping factor values.

      For each pair of damping factor and derivative order passed to this method, a suitable rank file will be generated. Information about the precision guarantee will be logged.

      coeffBasename - the basename of coefficient files (as computed by PageRankPowerSeries); the actual names are obtained appending -i for the i-th coefficient.
      numCoeff - the number of coefficient files.
      rankBasename - the basename of the computed ranks.
      alpha - an array of values of the damping factor, one for each rank to compute.
      order - an array of derivative orders (0 means PageRank), parallel to alpha.
    • main

      public static void main​(String[] arg) throws IOException, JSAPException