Class GZWarcRecord.GZHeader

Enclosing class:

public static class GZWarcRecord.GZHeader
extends Object
A class to contain fields contained in the gzip header.
  • Field Details

    • compressedSkipLength

      public int compressedSkipLength
      The compressed-skip-length warc-required extra gzip field.
    • uncompressedSkipLength

      public int uncompressedSkipLength
      The uncompressed-skip-length warc-required extra gzip field.
    • mtime

      public int mtime
      The mtime gzip field.
    • name

      public byte[] name
      The (optional) name gzip field. Here is used to contain WarcRecord.Header.recordId)
    • comment

      public byte[] comment
      The (optional) comment gzip field. Here is used to contain WarcRecord.Header.subjectUri)
  • Constructor Details

    • GZHeader

      public GZHeader()
  • Method Details