Class RemoveHubs


public class RemoveHubs
extends Object
Removes nodes from a graph following a number of strategies.

This class has been used to perform the experiments described by Paolo Boldi, Marco Rosa, and Sebastiano Vigna in “Robustness of Social Networks: Comparative Results Based on Distance Distributions”, Proceedings of the Third international Conference, SocInfo 2011, volume 6894 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 8−21, Springer, 2011. The implemented removal strategies are largest outdegree, label propagation, PageRank, PageRank on the symmetrized graph, random and near-root (see the paper).

For each method and for each fraction of arcs two graph will be stored, with the following basenames: dest-method-fraction and dest-method-fraction-tr.

For each strategy and each fraction of arcs to be removed, nodes are removed from the original graph (and its transpose) according to the total order specified by the strategy until the specified fraction of arcs is removed.

Marco Rosa, Sebastiano Vigna